One Of The Best Billie Jean Covers You’ll Ever Hear [VIDEO]

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    billie jean cover two drum sets two keyboards michael jackson - billie jean cover two drum sets two keyboards michael jackson

    Michael Jackson covers are a dime a dozen. You can throw a byte search in any direction and hit one with some guy or girl singing over an MP3 of the track playing on their computer. Add a dodgy webcam and bad lighting for bonus points for predictability.

    Michael Henry and Justin Robinett must have seen several (dozen) of these types of videos and have decided to up the covers game just a little bit. Instead of getting a bunch of musicians together to cover tracks, which they can do and have done, they cover the song by themselves. And instead of jumping around to a bunch of different instruments, they just use two keyboards and two drumsets.

    The degree of difficulty on this video must not have been high enough though because they, on multiple occasions, play the keyboards and drums simultaneously. Together.

    Oh, and the video was shot in one take. Beat that.

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