What Happens When You Put A White Jewish Rapper In The Hood [Video]

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    lil dicky east oakland all k n-word jewish white rapper - lil dicky east oakland all k n-word jewish white rapper

    Lil Dicky is, by self-description, a mild-mannered Jewish boy. But he wants to be big in the rap game. How can one such as he be successful? He looks different, grew up Jewish and can’t use the n-word like so many of his contemporaries. How could he possibly get in?

    On April 17, 2013 Lil Dicky resolved to go to East Oakland to figure out how he could make his name in the rap game. Whether serious or in jest (and Lil Dicky loves to joke) this video includes the following:

    1. Brothers eating Jewish bread

    2. Dreidel-spinning dice game

    3. Makin’ it rain with matzo bread on stripper booty

    4. Postin’ up at the synagogue

    There’s more, but you must discover this for yourself. There are so many questions and answers about racism and racial perception that an anthropologist could build a doctorate on it alone. Watch.



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