Five Features We Want To See On “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

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    In true Jay-Z fashion, the Brooklyn emcee announced to the world he’ll be releasing his 12th studio album “Magna Carter Holy Grail”  July 4.

    The surprise announcement came at the close of the second quarter of Game 5 of the Spurs vs. Heat Finals . In the Samsung commercial, Mr. Cater is seen in a studio with hip-hop elite producers Rick Rubin, Timbaland, Pharrell and Swizz Beatz, as they go over music and the concept for the album.

    The commercial gives viewers a peak into Jay-Z’s creative process and allows us to hopefully hear snippets of what’s to come. We can only imagine all the dope metaphors about Maybachs he’ll spit, but what we’re most looking forward to are the features. Here are the five we hope to see on the new record.

    Nas-We could be going out on a limb, but would it be too much to ask  if we could get another Jay-Z and Nas collab? The two haven’t been on a track together since Nas’ 2006 “Hip Hop Is Dead” album. No? Too much?

    K.Dot-Kendrick is a gifted emcee with so much to offer the game, and while he isn’t on Jay-Z level AT ALL, (let me repeat AT ALL) I think the young Cali bud might ignite some of Jay’s old hunger in the booth.

    Freeway-As a fan of hip-hop, to have even the smallest Roc-A-Fella reunion would be just..awesome.

    Eminem-The last time these two got together on a track, Em kind of…well..he bodied Jay, let’s just be honest. Maybe now, since some time has passed, Jay can even the score.

    Mary. J. Blige– Out of respect, Jay-Z always throws the misses on a hook, and we get it, we really do. But the music Mary and Jay make together is just undeniable. Even if it’s just an interlude, to have Mary on a plush, soulful “Reasonable Doubt”-esque track would do our body good.

    These are our five. Did we forget about anyone? Let us know.

    Throw ya diamonds up!

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