Real Life Super Mario Game [VIDEO]

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    Mario is well known for jumping on goombas and crushing blocks with his fist (not his head n00b). As for dancing? Not so much. But he looks fabulous when he gobbles down one of those bouncing stars.

    The video starts with a skit that sets up the plumber’s excuse to start dancing once he finds a Super Mario World cartridge. Skip to 1:35 if you just want to dance.

    Nathan Barnatt is the director, choreographer and star of this adventure into Mario’s dancing madness. As he moves to various pop melodies and Mario tunes, using a combination of various Mario moves and general silliness, he not only entertains the viewer but manages to pick up backup dancers along the way.

    The end has a fun little twist ending, but you’ll probably just keep rewinding to see the dancing. Somehow, he may just have captured the silliness and fun of a childhood wrapped up in Mario’s gaming world. The random sprites probably helped some though.

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