Yearbook Quote Codes Biggie Smalls Lyrics With Chemistry Elements

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    High school graduate Jessica Lee found a great way for her classmates to remember forever, by coding Biggie lyrics using the Periodic Table.

    At a glance the untrained eye may see some words put together from the periodic table, “Fluorine uranium carbon potassium bismuth technetium helium sulfur germanium thulium oxygen neon yttrium.”

    Once the elements are decoded:

    (F) flourine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) pota#sium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium

    The decoding gets you lyrics from Jr. M.A.F.I.A.’s debut album when decoded you get the line “F**k Bitches Get Money,”, from the single “Get Money.” Just when her fellow students  thought she was an uber nerd with her quote, she now wins nerd of the year

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