Naked Man Steals Obstacle Course On “American Ninja Warrior” [VIDEO]

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    naked man ambition ninja warrior obstacle course american competition - naked man ambition ninja warrior obstacle course american competition

    Japan has long been a unique land that has generated some of the most original, and sometimes perturbing, television programming ever seen. Some of it was so good other countries stole the hell out of it.

    In the mid-2000’s the G4 network started airing one of them called ‘Ninja Warrior.’ Relax, there weren’t any katanas or shurikens or smoke bombs anywhere to be seen. But some folks did get cut by the massive obstacle course. They also got beat up, thrown, tossed and dunked into frigid waters.

    Speed, strength, endurance, stamina, cunning and wit are all traits necessary to compete in ‘Ninja Warrior,’ the ultimate obstacle course competition. Many men and women from all walks of life where given the opportunity to compete in Japan. Anyone from world class athletes to fishermen to comedians to children was allowed to compete.

    The Japanese version was so popular in the US that they decided to make an American version since non-Japanese were rarely granted opportunity to participate. Thought it was a course designed for America, it has been every bit as difficult to conquer as the Japanese version.

    But in all the seasons over all the years no one has ever dared challenge the ‘Ninja Warrior’ course wearing only a headband and sneakers…until recently.

    Real question: Was this real or staged?

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