Robbery Attempt Stopped By Waxed Floors + 4 Other Epic Robbery Fails

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    thief attempted robbery slips on wax floor fail - thief attempted robbery slips on wax floor fail

    Depending on your religion or lack thereof human beings have been on this planet for either thousands of years or thousands of millions of ‘em.

    But if mankind can do something stupid they will. And it won’t matter how many times they’ve watched someone else fail at it first.

    The muta criminalibus (dumbass criminal) is a special genus of human idiot with several species of dummies beneath it. They all have three things in common though:

    1. Lack of planning

    2. Inaptitude with weaponry

    3. Not even a lick of shame

    These three characteristics enable the muta criminalibus to put themselves into situations where they could potentially harm others, but only end up harming themselves and going to jail for extended periods of time.

    The general criminalibus is a wretched creature that takes the comfort and peace of mind of the law-abiding by injecting chaos. The muta, that f*cking idiot, restores it via Youtube recordings of their abject humiliation. It would be nice to be without them all, but if we’re gonna have the bad one its good that we can also have its inept cousin.

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