PAID IN FULL: Did J. Cole Pay Off His School Loans?

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    Did J. Cole pay off his school loans? The answer seems to be no, J. Cole has not paid off his student loans. Cole attended St. John’s University, where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in communications, and in the song “Dollar and a Dream II,” recorded in 2009 for his “The Warm Up” mixtape, the rapper dedicates a verse to Sallie Mae, the corporation that manages billions of dollars of student loans in the United States.

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    “Ay Sallie, I know I ain’t been answering your calls, but shit, let me explain,” Cole raps, making no bones about the fact he has not paid his school loans. “It’s because times been hard, been runnin around trynna find a job.”

    J. Cole has found a job, of course. He’s a famous rapper with two best-selling albums—“Cole World: The Sideline Story” and “Born Sinner”—under his belt, but is it possible he’s still not paid his student loans? In an October 2009 interview with, the North Carolina MC said he had not paid off his school loans, even though he has the money to do so.

    “Nope, not yet,” Cole said. “I can, but I’m a stubborn person, man. For instance, way back I owed Verizon some money, I used to be down with Verizon four years ago. I had a crazy high bill, and I never paid it, so I just left it and I went somewhere else.”

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    J. Cole revisited the subject of whether he’s paid off his student loans on his 2013 album “Born Sinner,” and in his review of the disc, Jamel Malone, the man behind the blog, took the Roc Nation rhymer to task for failing to honor his debts.

    “What? You ain’t paid Sallie Mae yet?” Jamel wrote, unable to believe J. Cole has not repaid his school loans. “Dude. It may sound like I’m being nit-picky about some of the content but it does grind my gears a bit. As someone who’s struggling to pay student loans, I can relate for a little bit. Now? I can’t. You have some money.”

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