Video Dating Profile Hilariously Broken Down By African Man

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    maximbady video dating profile indian woman no expectations - maximbady video dating profile indian woman no expectations

    Video dating profiles. You don’t see them often, but they exist. The companies that use them get a video of you talking about yourself, then they let other people see the video when looking for prospective dates.

    It may sound like fun, but have you ever heard of anyone using a video dating site with success? Exactly., eharmony, OkCupid!, Plentyoffish and several other websites have more successful dating stories than any video dating service ever and they’re not that great.

    The Indian lady in this video is a prime example of the level of fail that can be found in video dating profiles. She has paid money to put herself out there with a host of misguided ideas about male/female relationships and expects to find a man that will agree with them.

    What you need now is someone to break down that situation for what it may truly be. Someone who’ll expose the problematic elements of this video so that the video subject can revise their future efforts and increase their dating potential. Maximbady is ready for that job. And he comes with jokes. Lots of them.



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