VUHL05 Street Legal Sports Car [PHOTOS]

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    After months of secercy  and keeping its ride hidden from cameras,  the VUHL 05 was finally revealed by VUHL Automotive founders Guillermo and Iker Echeverria and Alberto Chapa 2 months ago at a press event to show case the lightweight car.

    At weight of 1,500 pounds, the 285 horsepower car  looks like a ride you would find at the race track. The ultra-light car comes with an aluminum, lightweight steel, and plastic open-top body, a tuned two-liter Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder engine , an engine found in the 2014 Ford Focus ST and 2015 Mustang which means this sports car has some power behind it to go along with its light weight body and could take on any  Porsche.

    The VUHL05 has a top speed of  150mph, being able to reach 60 MPH in just  3.7 seconds.  Other features that the VUHL comes with is four-wheel disk brakes, a six-speed manual gearbox and racing wheels courtesy of Michelin tires.  The VUHL 05 will be available  spring of 2014.

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