Smart Students More Likely To Be Jealous On Facebook

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    If you’re über smart, chances are you’re super jelly on Facebook.

    A recent U.S. study involving undergraduates found that students with high GPAs showed greater levels of “Facebook jealousy” compared to their not-so-smart classmates.

    Participants of the study were asked to imagine a variety of hypothetical scenarios that involved discovering messages from their significant other’s Facebook inbox from a person of the opposite sex that asks, “What are you up to later?”

    Turns out, the smart females were not feeling it, and showed higher levels of jealousy than the males in the same study. Researchers suggest that people with good grades tend to have a personality that makes them susceptible to jealousy. “Students with higher GPAs are often more conscientious, show greater self-control and tend to be perfectionists,” said study researcher Denise Friedman

    The researchers decided to get a bit creative and threw a few :) and ;) at the end of the messages to see if if stirred up any added emotion. The result? Women couldn’t care less, however, the faces did manage to rile up the men in the study who displayed higher levels of jealousy when the emoticons were added.

    “Evolutionary work suggests men are more jealous of sexual infidelity, while women are more jealous of emotional infidelity,” said Friedman. “The winking emoticon was most likely perceived as flirtatious, perhaps even sexually suggestive, which may explain why men were more jealous in this condition,” she said.

    Well, ladies, now you know how to piss off your man ;)

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