14-Month Old Buys Car on eBay While Playing on Dad’s Phone

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    What’s the real harm in letting kids play with your phone? Sure, they might open up a few apps, send some weird texts to your friends saying things like “sklfwelktj wkelfjskldfj sw;elrl;weskf;lsdj,” or even better, randomly purchase a car on eBay!

    A Portland father got the surprise of his life when he discovered that his 14-month-old accidentally purchased a car on eBay while playing on his phone. Paul Stoute’s daughter Sorella made the purchase through his eBay app, and soon after Paul received a congratulatory email from the online store for buying a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite.

    “She decided to open the eBay app, and started clicking around and one thing led to another and we own a car,” he told KOIN 6 News, laughing. Paul and his wife lucked out, since the used car only came out to be $225. The couple initially panicked after finding out, but ultimately decided to keep the car, which Paul plans to restore as a gift for Sorella on her 16th birthday.

    “I’m just glad she didn’t buy the $38,000 Porsche I was looking at,” said Stoute. Since the incident, Paul has activated a facial recognition technology and a new pin code to keep Sorella from going on anymore shopping sprees.


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