Syfy’s “Sharknado” Movie Explained In GIFs

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    Yesterday the Syfy channel debuted its new original movie called “Sharknado”. The movie was based on a natural disaster filled with sharks, the disaster in this movie was the CGI, after all with the name “Sharknado” for a title what did we expect good acting.

    The movie featured the acting talents (and we use talents very very loosely) of  Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and John Heard, you didn’t think you were getting A-list talent for this movie did you.  Tara Reid had high hopes for the movie and said the following about the cast
    “Sharknado” might not be winning Oscars any time soon, but at least it got plenty of high-profile attention. From Mia Farrow to Clark Gregg to Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks, it seemed like more people in Hollywood were tuned in to Syfy’s latest, greatest Original Movie than weren’t. That kind of passion and dedication can’t be faked.

    I’m not sure what passion Tara is speaking about, while  the movie is not going to win any awards it did deliver some great gifs and  we can relive some of these great moments Tara speaks of.

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