7 Ways Your Mother Threatened You As Told By Rochelle

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    That moment you do something you know you shouldn’t do whatsoever and your mom threatens you can be such a scary moment. How many times has your mama told you she was going to muster up some superhuman strength and knock you into the moon?

    Here are some of the best  — or worst, however you want to look at it — responses your mom could have said when you did some dumb sh*t, as told by Rochelle, the lovable mom from “Everybody Hates Chris.”

    When she says she will slap you into another race

    Everybody Hates Chris Diff Race

    … and another family


    When you hope you have dental insurance


    … and knee insurance (lawd!)

    Everybody Hates Chris Knees

    When she had the original time machine and ain’t tell nobody

    Everybody Hates Chris Smacked

    When she was the 411 operator

    Everybody Hates Chris phonebook


    When her foot came off the ground that one time


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