7 Reasons Why I Won’t Propose

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    As the world becomes more modern so do the rules of engagement when it comes to getting married. Times have changed and fewer and fewer men are interested in the option of getting married.  Men see marriage as being less important, while the opposite can be said for women around the ages of 18 to 34, who see getting married as being very important — the stats for that have risen 9% since 1997 according to Pew research center.

    There are many reasons men around the country are frowning upon marriage. A big reason is: where is the incentive? Do they see an upgrade in lifestyle? No. Do they get to keep more money in their pocket? No. And if things don’t work out: who gets everything? Where is the logical reason in getting married in modern time. Let’s take a look at why not to get married if you’re single.

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