Burglar Steals Box of Human Ashes Thinking It’s Cocaine

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    A coke habit can get you do to some pretty stupid things, you know, like mistake human ashes for blow. A Nashville man was arrested for allegedly stealing a box of ashes from is neighbor, which he believed to be cocaine.

    William “Billy Cantrell took an Xbox from his neighbor Steven Medley’s home, along with the a small box containing the remains of Medley’s mother. “William thought it was drugs, he thought he’d done found him a box of cocaine is what he thought,” said Cantrell’s grandmother, Wanda Allen.

    According to Cantrell’s grandmother, her grandson was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. “If he gets to drinking and doing drugs he’s out there,” said Allen. “I’m not saying he’s not guilty but he didn’t know what he was stealing.”

    Fortunately, his grandmother says Cantrell never got around to snorting the ashes. Thank. God.

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