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    Startup company Algoriddim announced earlier today they have a sequal to their popular DJ app and released Djay 2.  Djay  2 is more updated than the first adding several new elements to the app.  The most important feature to be added is the  HD Waveform, which analyzes all the songs in your library and then color codes important sections within the songs so DJ’s can find sections to mix. You can also drag, tap and scratch on each wave to create different effects for each song.  To make the experience much simpler Algoriddim mapped the waves onto the vinyl to find the sections to mix before they happen.

    “Skeuomorphism can be a design element — here it provides a tangible benefit,” says Algoriddim CEO Karim Morsy.

    The app has come alone way, from being a free app for DJs to practice on and now being used by music groups like the Prodigy in front of crowds of 50,000.  Algoriddim engineers say they made the app much easier to use because they want DJs to execute perfect timing of a track to “Evacuate The Dance Floor” so the DJ knows when an artist starts singing or rapping.

    Other new features on the app includes sampler which allows the user to sample a track their currently playing. Then there is slip mode when the DJ is spinning records they can scratch without disturbing the song while its being played and finally slice mode where a DJ can cut up pieces of a song and replay it over and over or according to Algoriddim “Slice mode turns the song into a drum machine.”

    Being a fresh release djay 2 is available on iPad for $4.99 and iPhone for $0.99, then next week the app will see a price increase going up to $9.99 and $1.99.

    Download App here for iPhone or iPad

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