Monster DNA Headphones Are The SH*T!

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    Monster DNA headphones

    As a music editor, it’s only right I have a dope pair of headphones. I mean, it’s kind of expected, right?

    So when the good folks over at Monster gifted me with these brand-spanking new pair, I was over the moon. The new Monster DNA Neon headphones combine comfort and style, while still allowing me to feel like I’m at a live concert.

    Retailed at a smooth $199.95, the triangular-shaped headphones are padded with a pillow-soft cushion that allows for noise isolation, which is code for I can blast “Smells Like Teen Spirit” during my morning commute without disturbing the senior citizen sitting next to me on the train. But in the event I wanted to listen to said senior citizen’s smooth grooves, the dual-audio input jacks allows users to share music. Pretty effin fancy!

    Individuality is also a key component with Monster. With custom colors such as “white tuxedo” “brushed steel” and “camo”  you feel like a trendsetter as opposed to following trends.  And if any of the seven colors don’t tickle your fancy, the different colored skins along with the ability to mix and match the ear caps, makes it  so you can design your own! #WINNING

    On top of the headphones being lightweight and durable , the compliments I get walking down the street just help add to their awesomeness. Headphones are no longer just a necessity, they’ve become an accessory too! Now, you can go waste your money and purchase other headphones, or you can be one of the cool kids and rock these.

    No pressure:)

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