Watch Your City Through A Kaleidoscopic Lens [VIDEO]

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    If you live in a major city, chances are you know that the place you reside in is beautiful.  In this video, “Mirror City,” creator Michael Shainblum proves that your city can be jaw-droppingly mesmerizing. Using a technique called “Timelapse photography” Shainblum also combined video clips from Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to turn each of them into a kaleidoscope.

    “Many people visit these large cities every day, and all of these places have been shot and filmed,” Shainblum explained. “but I wanted to emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before. I wanted to put man-made geometric shapes, mixed with elements of color and movement to create less of a structured video, and more of a plethora of visual stimulation.”

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