Founder Of Google Invest Into Lab-Grown Beef

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    The end is near and its time to start looking for a new planet to live on. Taste-testers try out the new lab-grown burger which was processed by Mark Post of Maastricht University. There were concerns about the taste and if it’s healthy to digest for the body. According to scientist, the lab-grown synthetic meat is almost the same thing as real beef, taking muscle stem cells from living cows via a biopsy and fed it with fetal bovine serum.

    Many other billionaires have already invested in this new product such as Bill Gates and Peter Thiel. Brin already made a $332,000 investment towards the making if the cake-like beef. Bill gates explains:

    Raising meat takes a great deal of land and water and has a substantial environmental impact. Put simply, there’s no way to produce enough meat for 9 billion people. Yet we can’t ask everyone to become vegetarians. We need more options for producing meat without depleting our resources.

    The reasons for making the synthetic meat is in the 2006 United Nations’ report calling livestock a substantial contributor to “climate change and air pollution, to land, soil, and water degradation and to the reduction of biodiversity.” But worldwide demand for meat continues to rise and production is projected to double by 2050, mostly driven by developing countries where per capita consumption has doubled since 1980.

    I guess its time to be a vegetarian.

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