A Hunger Games-Themed Camp Really Exists

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    People in Florida are really into The Hunger Games. So much so, that they’ve gone ahead to create a Hunger Games-themed camp where children are expected to fight each other “to the death” in a tournament mimicking the twisted plot of the popular book series.

    When the campers got a little too excited about the idea of “killing” one another, counselors informed them they’d be “collecting lives” instead, which consisted of pulling flag belts from competitors’ waists.
    That, however, didn’t stop the kids from getting physical with one another.

    The body lying on the ground. CJ Hatzilias, 11, face-down, in the grass. He was crying. “They stepped on me,” he said.

    Someone went for help. “CJ, what happened?” Gillette asked.

    “They stepped on me,” he said.

    D’Alessio knelt down. “I’m sure it was an accident.”

    CJ shook his head. He said some boys had knocked him down and kicked him.

    The children’s parents are so wrong for this. Florida, get it together, man.

    Check out counselors trying to make this camp sound like a wonderful place, below.


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