Man Goes Interesting Route To Catch A Thief

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    One man is looking to get justice after a woman stole a package he received from Amazon from his  porch.  To protect his home,  Tim Lake has a camera on his property to keep an eye out for intruders. His investment paid off when the camera picked up the woman stealing the package.

    According to Tim, he saw the woman at his door. His video camera then sent him a screenshot. Lake thought the woman approaching his porch was a new neighbor looking to say hello, until she picked up his package and ran off.

    Looking to catch the woman, he created posters of the video feed and placed them all around town hoping to recover his stolen goods. To make light of the situation Tim said he thought Dog The Bounty Hunter was paying a visit, describing  her eyes as “lacking a soul” (even though she had on sunglasses) and her height as “about yay” high . Tim hasn’t caught the thief as of yet but is taking tips.

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