Surfer Anastasia Ashley Opens Up About Her Sexy Twerking Warm-Up Routine

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    In this edition of “So You Think That White Girl Can Twerk,” we present to you Anastasia Ashley. The sexy and talented surfer chick became an overnight internet sensation when footage of her warm-up routine, featuring her twerking it out at the SuperGirl Pro tournament in Oceanside, CA., surfaced the web. Anastasia had no idea she was being secretly filmed by a creeper,  but we must admit we’re thrilled she was.


    As you can see, homegirl can get down. Aside from having an amazing rump and awesome dance moves, she’s also one of the most successful female surfers in the game, having won competitions like the 2010 Pipeline Women’s Pro in Hawaii and receiving nominations for the XXL Award. GQ magazine caught up with the rockstar surfer to get her thoughts on her newfound twerking fame and her love for dance and music.

    Check out a few highlights from the GQ interview below.

    GQ: This twerking video has really blown up. How did you first hear about it? 

    To be honest, I woke up to a bunch of texts and tweets—because I go on Twitter first thing every day, just to see the news and stuff—and I saw people tweeting at me, “Go girl, get it, twerk,” but nothing with a link, so I was kind of like, “What the fuck are they talking about?” I thought it was a scam or something.

    GQ: Were you intentionally twerking, or just kind of feeling the moment? 

    To be honest, I’m so in the zone that I don’t even realize what I’m doing. And I’m just having fun, you know? I like to loosen up and move my body, so I wasn’t necessarily trying to do a specific type of twerk or anything, but I guess my body just kind of did it.

    GQ: Well, you have good moves. Do you practice—do you go to the clubs a lot? 

    Yeah, I go out. I love dancing. I actually took a couple years of dance. I’m not a bad dancer, I guess—some people might see it differently.

    GQ: Do you have different music that you listen to for different things? 

    Yeah, totally. Before a heat, it would be hip-hop or something that amps me up, you know? And when I work out, I listen to EDM. I’ve actually been into trap music lately.

    Somewhere, Miley Cyrus is crying herself to sleep.

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