In the midst of a crowded nightclub in Midtown New York City, ladies, sexily stumbling in pumps and mini skirts, are commanded by the power of music. The DJ’s song of choice…”I Just Wanna Love Ya.” One bold man leaves his group of dapper dressed friends, grabs the nearest female and grinds on her. The crowd screams in unison “And I Wish I never met her at all.” The momentum shifts with the change of the beat. “Girl you know you got a body-ody” R.Kelly’s vocals echo through the club. “Thats my song,” shouts the girl waiting in line to use the lavoratory. Her friend’s cheeky grin as she checks her reflection is a silent agreement.

    That is the massive influence Jay-Z’s music has on listeners. Even those who are not fans of the Rocafella lyricist can’t deny his swag. Whether you like Jay or not, when “Big Pimpin’” comes on your body automatically goes into Dame Dash mode and the closet liquor bottle becomes your stage prop. Meanwhile, a mosh pit is collapsing into itself as the Hit Boy produced rhythms of “Niggas In Paris” plays in the background.

    Today, December 4th, marks the day Hov was born and the instant moment the world would be changed forever. Thank you Mama Carter for birthing the mastermind, who turned his street experience into ingenious rap bars and showed little hood boys even former drug dealers can be business men.

    We could list 43 songs to parallel Jay’s age, but we’ve settled on 13 heart thumping, adrenaline pumping tunes that make you just want to throw your hands in the air and dance. If Usher can listen to himself while making love, Jay should be able to celebrate his birthday to his own classic creations.

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